TAYTAY DOCTORS MULTISPECIALTY HOSPITAL 2012 Iniated talks with Dr. Gabriel P. La Rosa, the owner of 888 Health Clinic & Diagnostic Center  Branch (Hospital) renting the facility of the former San Juan – Leongson General Hospital on how to make  the hospital more viable and more productive.  Dr. La Rosa agreed to transfer the management of the  hospital to the group of specialist.  The group assumed the administration of the Hospital operation and  subsequently found their sojourn a challenge, because of frequent flooding, reputations attached to the  previous hospital, high electrical and water costs (due to water supply to other areas in the compound apart  of the hospital) and others factors of the same sort.  Consequently, despite best efforts, the results were only  above break even.  But the group continued in believing that a community hospital is viable, needed, and  promising project.  Dr. La Rosa and the group held another talk this time to embark on a bigger and better  Hospital in another location where hazards of nature is less, where a brand new name will be built, cared,  kept and enhanced.  On August 17, 2009, Taytay Doctors’ and Maternity Hospital Inc.,  was incorporated with initial  capital of Php30,000,000.00 purchase of a lot at Rizal Avenue and acquisition of all the hospital equipment  and medical instruments of 888 Health Clinic & Diagnostic Center, Branch followed.  Shortly, service of JLI  Builders and Development Corporation to design and build the hospital was hired.  Meanwhile, the project gained momentum with doctors from different specialties became interested,  the need for Multispecialty Hospital (than only a Maternity Hospital) was felt.  Hence, 888 Health Clinic &  Diagnostic Center Branch was renamed as Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital.  The groundbreaking rite  was held last December 19, 2009.  On January 2010 Taytay Doctors’ Multispecialty Hospital was  incorporated with Taytay Doctors and Maternity Hospital, Inc. having the absolute majority. To be the favored provider of Health Care for all residents in the Municipalities and cities of the Province of Rizal. As a unified working force, we commit ourselves to excellence and safety in the delivery of choice in Healthcare Services.
To attain the highest level of competencyin Healthcare delivery and become the patient’s Healthcare Services to our clients prudently utilizing available resources to its optimum. Health Care for All